Welcome Rotarian wine enthusiasts to the Wine Appreciation Fellowship!

We invite you to join one of the most enjoyable, wine related social groups in existence. Our objective is to learn more about wine, wine and food pairings and any other topics related to the appreciation of wine so that our own appreciation of good wine will be enhanced. We will accomplish that by sharing our own knowledge and experiences and by learning from the many wine experts and knowledgeable Rotarians throughout the world.

We want you to become actively involved in our fellowship and to share your tasting notes and wine experiences. The Wine Appreciation Fellowship is a wonderful learning tool for those who are interested in expanding their knowledge and sharing ideas regarding all aspects of wine appreciation.

The fellowship has an email newsletter and members are encouraged to visit our interactive wine website  frequently for updates, features, articles and information on wine events and trips. Annual meetings are held at the RI International Conventions. Correspondence will be accomplished primarily by email. We look forward to having many new members and fellow wine enthusiasts. We also encourage our members to form RWAF local chapters in their areas of the world and to do service projects.

In Vino Veritas,
Conrad C. Heede, PDG

Why not join us?

We are always looking for Rotarians that have an appreciation for wine and would like to enjoy this with fellow Rotarians.. Through your membership you will be able to learn more about wine and gain a better appreciation for the many aspects of wine. We look forward to your joining us.

What's Happening?

Throughout the year there are many wine events that may be of interest to our members. We encourage members to let us know of an event in their area. Many Rotary Clubs are involved with the wineries for Rotary events, Fellowship or special fundraisers.

Folks Behind this Fellowship

As you know there are many opportunities to join various Rotarian Fellowship groups worldwide. Well, like any group someone has to take charge and put it all together. Take a closer look at our Executive Committee.